What Happens under a Biden/Harris Presidency

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As stated above, this is my opinion, so with that, let’s get started.

The scenario of what can occur under a Biden/Harris Presidency is frightening, and if you aren’t afraid, then you should be.

Have you watched Hunger Games?

My first guess will be that the newly appointed president will remain in office for approximately two months, give or take a few. He will then mysteriously ‘die,’ or the powers controlling the office will have him proclaimed as incompetent to administer the responsibilities of the office, and Vice-President Harris will assume the top seat.

Once she is in office, many of the cowardly Republican Senators will collapse under her and the Democrat’s pressure, and they will work together to erode our rights.

They will destroy the conservative media, and liberal media will control all narrative. Anyone who resists will be arrested, ‘kill themselves,’ or be imprisoned for their insurrection attempt.

The border wall may be taken down, but regardless of the wall’s fate, illegal aliens will be welcomed with open arms.

Stricter gun laws will be enforced, and our second amendment will slowly be erased under the guise of safety. Of course, there will be massive gun violence breaking out soon after they take office, which will be orchestrated to drive in their reasoning for strict laws.

Oh, they will come for us and our guns. They’ve said they would come after anyone who supported President Trump.

Anyone who attempts to stand up for their rights will be killed or imprisoned for citing violence against the government. It will take a while, but eventually, they will fight and defeat any pockets of opposition. Then the rest of the Americans will fall into line like good little citizens.

I could be wrong. In fact, I hope I’m wrong. I hope our allies would come to our aid, but I don’t see that happening, except for maybe Israel.

Home-school, private schools, and any institutions related to Christianity in any way will be out, citing all students need to be taught together and with the same curriculum, which of course, will be a socialism program.

I will wager the mid-term elections will be rigged, bought, and swayed for those the democrats can control. Heck, if they can manipulate this election, and rid themselves of our precious president, then you bet the mid-terms will be no problem.

By 2024, there will be no national election.

Okay, this is where I could be underestimating the power of us, the people, we may be able to withstand four years, but it will be a very uncomfortable four years.

President Harris will remain in the office, or someone the Elites control. Eventually, it may even turn into a dictatorship with someone they probably are prepping for the position right now to remain a permanent leader.

As the American people, we will be alone, with no way to protect ourselves, and we will become a complete COMMUNIST COUNTRY.

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A typical grocery store in the old Soviet Union

Am I being over-dramatic? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

If our duly elected president, President Trump, is being attacked as he is now and the old guard Republicans aren’t defending him now, what do you think they will do once President Trump is out? They will bow to the cheaters in control of the land’s highest office like a bunch of beat pups.

I hope I am wrong. I hope if Biden and Harris win, that we, the American people, will stand up and fight for our rights. Maybe we could make it through four years and get President Trump or someone like him elected to the office of the President to clean up the mess.

My friends, let’s just not go there.

We must make our stand now while we still have President Trump and fight for our rights. There are things we can do. We can contribute to his defense campaign, and we can call, text, and email our senators and the DOJ, tell them to do their jobs, and remind them they work for us. Most of all, we need to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

Look, things are not hopeless for president Trump yet, but we must stand up and fight for him and our nation as he has stood in the gap for us the last four years.

I believe we can still get President Trump back into the office of President this time, but we cannot sit idly by and be complacent. Contact your local conservative groups and see if there is anything planned to show support for our president. If not, make it happen.

Do not cower, do not allow Fox News and other outlets to control the narrative, and do not listen to them. Be a part of the fight on social media. YOUR VOICE DOES MATTER.

God bless you, God bless America, and God bless our duly elected 2020 President Donald J. Trump!

Milton Lindsey

Milton Lindsey

Milton Lindsey is a God-fearing American Patriot who loves his country and President Trump. He is working hard to get President Trump re-elected in 2020.


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