Many Are One was started with the idea that the United States of America is a country founded on Judeo-Christian precepts where all were created equal in the eyes of almighty God. We are unapologetic in our belief that this country is the greatest on the face of the earth, and because of it, people of other countries have been lifted up to enjoy their God-given rights as well.

Today, we are facing dark forces who are trying to destroy our constitution and our very way of life. They claim that the Patriots are haters, but we only hate the evil done by those who would harm the innocent American citizen. The far-leftists have taken control of the Democrat Party and twisted it into the party of the destruction of the family unit, division of the races, sexual confusion, and murder of the unborn.

With the censorship on Social Media, we here at Many Are One decided to start our own social media platform called Connect where Patriots can network with their fellow Patriots in this battle against those who want to silence us. On Connect, you can create your own account, friend other members, start a group, and make a business page, or one that fits your needs just like on Facebook. You can post and share anything you wish, as long as it’s not illegal, promotes violence, or is pornographic. Just keep it clean, informative, and fun. A little snarkiness is fine too, of course.


We also have an e-store, For Americans, By Americans (FABA). We currently have several great products available, with more coming. All the products are printed right here in the USA. The money earned from the sales will be used to grow this site and offer more exciting features. Please help us grow by purchasing some of our great products.

We also have 2 Podcasts where we will be discussing current events, and interviewing those we need to learn more about. We will also have news articles covering current events without the liberal-leaning lies.

We also ask that you subscribe to this website. That way you can stay current on all the exciting things we’re doing. We’d also like to invite you to our original website

We, here at Many Are One, hope that you will enjoy your time here, and please tell your Patriot family and friends.